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Wasder App
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Our close partnership with Wasder

Wasder is a tech company that specializes in creating digital platforms for gamers. Their main product was originally the web platform, a Social Media where gamers could connect, find people to play with, compete in gaming events, and share content.

The platform supported a wide range of games and offered features like game tracking and community creation. In late 2021, Wasder transitioned this web platform to a mobile platform, available on both Android and iOS, to better cater to their user base.


Black Pug Studio began collaborating with Wasder on their rebranding in 2019. After this initial project, our team took part in several technology-related initiatives in the business from 2020 to 2023.

Wasder x Razer Chroma - Twitch Extension

In 2020, Wasder collaborated with Razer to develop a Twitch extension, which lit up viewers' Razer peripherals compatible with the Chroma RGB technology based on events occurring on the stream, following a pattern set by the streamer.


The Studio handled the extension's development, maintaining direct contact with Wasder's backend development team and Razer's software engineering team. This collaboration aimed to integrate the features of Razer Chroma into the Twitch extension, using Wasder’s API to access the streamer’s profile and settings.


Streamers could set their stream schedule and upload Chroma RGB patterns to their viewers' Razer devices. The connection between the extension and Chroma RGB peripherals was made possible through a JavaScript API provided by Razer, interfacing with the Razer Synapse software.


The Twitch Extension was completed and released within three months, accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign by Wasder and Razer.

Wasder’s Web Platform

Following our initial partnership with Wasder, Black Pug Studio began directly collaborating with their team to develop their Web Platform. The Wasder Web application served as the precursor for their primary product, a mobile application available on iOS and Android.


This new social media website, designed for gamers, boasted all the standard features of a social media platform, but also incorporated a community feature similar to Reddit to unify players with similar interests.


Black Pug Studio contributed to the frontend development of the web platform, focusing on social media features and the integration of Twitch. The platform employed ReactJS as its frontend framework alongside a custom UI system. Our team engaged daily with the rest of the frontend developers and the backend engineers, actively sharing ideas and expanding the capabilities of the platform.


In 2021, Wasder shifted their focus from their Web platform to their new mobile application.

Wasder on iOS and Android

After recognizing the high engagement of mobile users on their platform and the demand for a robust mobile experience, Wasder shifted their development focus to a new mobile application.


In 2021, our team shifted to work on the new version of the Wasder mobile app, available on iOS and Android. The Studio played a crucial role in the rapid implementation of the features from the web version into the new mobile app.


The application was built using React Native, a dynamic and versatile framework. This framework allowed for the creation of a native application for both iOS and Android from just one codebase. This ingenious approach meant that the team could roll out new features at an impressive speed.


The leadership made a point to keep their ears to the ground, always receptive to community feedback. They fostered an atmosphere of innovation and were quick to refine features based on user responses. Their method was a blend of daring and practicality, striving to maximize user satisfaction.


The design team supplied a design system that was integrated into a comprehensive suite of components. These were used to swiftly construct new features, allowing for the rapid development of the mobile app's first version. This accelerated the shift to mobile.

The exceptional success of the mobile application

The new application was quickly adopted, and most of the engineering team was reassigned to the mobile project. Beyond the implementation of existing features, key additional functionalities such as matchmaking, party chats, and Wasder Web3 features were introduced.


The rapid expansion of the mobile user base not only attracted new investors to Wasder but also contributed to the platform's rising popularity. It further solidified Wasder's status as a new social media platform for gamers.


The application's popularity surged, leading to a dramatic increase in users. This challenged the team to improve performance on both the frontend and backend. The application was particularly popular in Asia, where average mobile device performance is often below average. This necessitated a focus on optimization, especially for Android, presenting one of the team's biggest challenges.


Wasder did not hesitate to add demanding features requiring complex optimization such as embedded video players, real-time messaging in large groups, and party voice calls. The team pushed the React Native framework to its limits, managing to exceed these constraints by implementing native code changes to enhance the non-native libraries used.


Ultimately, the product delivered during our collaboration with the Wasder team was a robust, tailor-made experience. The application was feature-rich and maintained a decent performance level even on modest hardware. The time and effort invested in optimization and continuous improvements resulted in the app's adoption by an increasing number of gamers worldwide, making our team incredibly proud to have been part of this journey.

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