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Distributing medical products worldwide.

Back2Sleep, a company dedicated to enhancing sleep quality with their innovative respiratory device, initiated an e-commerce system project in 2022. The primary intent of this project was to create a comprehensive system that would streamline the sale of their device, a revolutionary tool that aids in reducing snoring and sleep apnea symptoms.

This e-commerce platform, which sells the Back2Sleep respiratory device through a Shopify store, operates with a unique fulfillment system. Depending on the buyer's location, their order is directed to one of several distributors for fulfillment. While the platform directly handles distribution in some countries, in others it relies on distributors who have purchased stock for local distribution.


The medical industry firmly emphasizes tracking medical products to promptly recall unsafe or malfunctioning items, and to contact their sellers and buyers immediately. This requires the platform to maintain records of each product's location and history.


While the team managing the platform can view all orders, distributors should only have access to their assigned orders. They also had to be able to manage their own stock and pricing.

Underlying technology and infrastructure.

The e-commerce system uses advanced technology and robust infrastructure for its operations. It comprises four main components, each powered by a selection of modern and reliable technology products.

The Shopify application, developed in ReactJS, provides a highly interactive user interface. ReactJS, a JavaScript library, facilitates the creation of dynamic and fast user interfaces. The application is served by a NextJS server. NextJS is a framework for server-rendered or statically exported React apps, boosting their performance and enabling server-side rendering.


The backend API, crucial for the operation of the entire system, is served as a NodeJS application using Express. NodeJS is a runtime environment that allows JavaScript to be run on the server side, providing high-speed performance and scalability. Express is a web application framework for NodeJS, widely used due to its simplicity and powerful features for building APIs.


The distributor back-office, a platform for managing orders, is served using Firebase Hosting as a VueJS application. VueJS is a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Its integration with other libraries or existing projects is straightforward, making it a good choice for this component. Firebase Hosting provides fast and secure hosting for the back-office, ensuring it's always accessible for distributors.


The entire infrastructure runs on Google Cloud Platform, offering a robust and reliable framework for the system. This cloud-based approach provides optimal scalability and performance, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the e-commerce system.


In addition, the platform possesses its own email notification system, powered by Mailgun. This system manages communications going to customers, distributors, and Back2Sleep administrators. It ensures regular updates regarding orders, deliveries, and other relevant information, thereby keeping all parties informed and engaged.

Operational flow of the platform.

Back2Sleep's operational flow is designed for efficiency and transparency. Once orders are placed through the website, they are processed by the Shopify application. It assigns them to a specific distributor based on the country from which the product was ordered. Each distributor has their individual pricing for the product and shipping costs, allowing efficient and timely delivery to Back2Sleep's global customer base.

In addition, distributors can order products to build their store inventory using their back-office platform. The transfer of inventory is then handled by platform admins using their own interface, ensuring efficient stock management.


The system also includes a detailed procedure for handling returns. When a return arises, the distributor receiving the returned order is responsible for submitting a return request to the main platform. In cases where the order is returned due to damage, the distributor must provide evidence of said damage. A platform manager then reviews this evidence and makes a decision on whether to approve the return.


Further extending their reach, Back2Sleep also sells products on Amazon. Orders made on this platform are centralized on the Shopify store and allocated to distributors in the same way as orders made directly on the website. This multi-platform approach ensures a unified, streamlined process for order management, including returns.


Importantly, all operations are shared with the Back2Sleep team through the Shopify application. This provides the team with complete oversight of the distribution side, including the returns process and inventory management, ensuring transparency and control over the entire procedure.

Project timeline and impact.

The development of this comprehensive e-commerce system spanned over six months. Despite this, the project remains active, with new features and enhancements being added regularly. This commitment to continuous improvement allows Back2Sleep to adapt to changing market trends and customer needs, thereby enabling them to continuously enhance their sales and distribution processes.

The implementation of the e-commerce system has dramatically improved Back2Sleep's sales and distribution process, increasing orders by 468% and total sales by 446% in the year following the platform's launch. It has played a crucial role in their mission of improving sleep quality worldwide. The system ensures their innovative respiratory device reaches customers efficiently, with the average time between an order being created and shipped being less than 24 hours. This rapid fulfillment process, coupled with the significant increase in orders and sales, illustrates the company's effective contribution to better sleep health for people across the globe.

User Experience and Design.

The design team carefully selected colors and imagery that would instill a sense of calm and reassurance in the customers. The color palette used evokes tranquility and trust, essential for customers considering a product that directly impacts their health and well-being. The imagery used throughout the site also plays a crucial role in conveying the product's benefits and ease of use.

Smooth animations were incorporated, evoking the night time and the peaceful sleep that the device promises to deliver. This further helps in creating a soothing user experience, aligning with the product's purpose of improving sleep quality.


Through these design elements, the platform effectively introduces the customer to the medical device, easing potential worries and creating an inviting, reassuring experience that reflects the benefits of the product.

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