PugSync — Version 3

PugSync is now embarking on an exciting new journey with its third major update, thanks to the invaluable feedback we’ve gathered from Shopify stores over the past four years. This update introduces a host of new features, system improvements, and a more user-friendly pricing model.

Let’s take a quick tour of our new offerings and pricing structure!

Revamped Pricing Model

PugSync — Our new plans

While our 7-day trial did pique the interest of many Shopify store owners, it wasn’t enough for them to fully appreciate the benefits of PugSync. To address this, we’ve launched two new plans.

Our Free Plan allows users to synchronize articles from one source (Medium, Blogger, SquareSpace, Webflow, Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr) either automatically or manually. This comes with no time restrictions, and users can manage up to one active source and synchronize four articles per month.

For those seeking more, our Paid Plan unlocks all features, including the all-new Image Hosting and Analytics. This plan lets users manage up to 10 active sources and synchronize an unlimited number of articles. It’s available for just $3.99/month or $39.99/year.

Innovative Image Hosting

PugSync — An imported article

We’ve addressed a major concern of our users — the hosting of images when importing an article. Earlier, these images were hosted on the original source, which was problematic for users transitioning from an old blog to Shopify Blog.

Going forward, when using the Paid Plan, images in articles synchronized through PugSync will be hosted on our own CDN. This means that even if the original source or article is deleted, the images imported to Shopify Blog will remain intact.

Insightful Analytics

PugSync — Analytics screen

Version 3 also introduces a powerful analytics feature. Now, all articles synchronized through PugSync under the Paid Plan can track metrics such as Page Views, Average Read Time, Links Opened, Current Readers, and “Readers Also Read.” Users can access these analytics globally or for specific articles over a set period.

And we’re not stopping here! We plan to visually enhance this feature and introduce more metrics in the future.

Manage Synchronized Articles with Ease

PugSync — List of synchronized articles

With Version 3, all users can view all PugSync-imported articles or articles imported from a specific source. This feature also includes quick access to each article’s Edit page and a Delete option with settings to prevent reimporting of deleted articles. It also allows easy publishing or unpublishing of synchronized articles.

Paid Plan users can also access article-specific analytics on this page.

Enhanced Dashboard

PugSync — New Dashboard

Our updated dashboard now includes shortcuts to key areas of the app such as Sources, Analytics, and Articles. It provides vital information about active sources, the latest synchronized articles, and key metrics like current visitors, page views, and average read time.

Thank you for reading through our update! We hope you’ll enjoy the new features of PugSync Version 3. If you’re not yet a PugSync user, we invite you to try our Free Plan and start importing your blog articles into Shopify today.

We greatly value your feedback as it helps us improve and develop future features. If you’re happy with our service, please consider leaving a review on the Shopify App Store. We’d truly appreciate it!

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