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From Dublin to Galway to the GTC

Google Developer Groups (GDG) are voluntary organizations run by passionate individuals in the developer community who are interested in using, and spreading knowledge around Google’s developer technology. Ireland’s first GDG was established in Dublin in 2015 and soon after, the GDG Galway Chapter was set up.

In recent years, Galway has become more and more prominent on Ireland’s innovation map with a growing population of entrepreneurs and a maturing tech start-up community. The Google Developers Group — Galway Chapter was set up to harness and focus the potential of these developers by building a community of makers and doers sharing a passion for technology, creativity and innovation. Since its first event two years ago, Galway’s GDG has gone from strength to strength with a talented, multicultural and driven community swiftly approaching 500 members from various countries and backgrounds.

Docket Event (photography Anita McGarry)

Originally Galway’s GDG was established by a small team able to predict how the developer scene around them would flourish and grow with the support and guidance of a Google Developers Group in the area. Bringing speakers and relevant content to the community was a real plus to energize an audience thirsty for more “Googly” stuff!

The GDG is built on a foundation of encouraging members to collaborate and share their learning

Docker Event (Photography Anita McGarry)

This is achieved by running monthly events such as workshops, code-labs, seminars, talks, and hackathons, all free and open to the public. The group encourages audiences with an interest in new technologies, though not necessarily from a technical background, to join GDG Galway organized events, meet seasoned members and build their professional and personal networks. Galway GDG invites everybody, whether they are individuals, companies, or organizations, to reach out and join the flourishing and swelling community in Galway. Support and active participation from International and Irish-based companies such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, Amazon, Docker, and Blue Tree Systems to name but a few, as well as a supportive relationship with NUI Galway has allowed our GDG chapter to spread learning, and gather members from all over Galway and Ireland’s West coast.

Polymer Workshop at Galway Technology Centre

Today, there is a multicultural team of five leading the Galway Chapter, all coming from very different professional and educational backgrounds. Together they work with their Community Manager, Rupert Whitehead, in Google’s London offices to bring new technologies to local audiences each month in the form of talks, code-labs, seminars, and workshops. Our team organize innovative and exciting events to bring new learning opportunities to the community to bring back to their organizations.

Growing the community in Galway

Our Chapter has progressed quickly thanks to the support and encouragement of many Galway businesses and individuals. Galway Technology Centre and Galway City Innovation District have provided encouragement, support and venues for our code-labs and events.

Niamh and Anne-Marie of GTC have massively contributed to our success and worked very closely with the group in the past months. Aside from accommodating our events, GTC has also played an active part in encouraging their network and tenants to get involved with our Chapter. Mary and Aisling of the Portershed have shown similar encouragement, providing us with another great venue for our events and the support of their partners and tenants.

The group is lucky and grateful to have the founders of the creative company Black Pug Studio Ltd on our organizing committee. Their studio at GTC also serves as headquarters for our GDG Chapter.

On the Tech Road Event (Google, HPE, NUIG, Blue Tree Systems, CodecDSS) at the PorterShed

Join our community

To stay on top of the constant reforms and updates in the Tech Industry, the GDG constantly has upcoming events in the pipeline so the organizers are always prepared to captivate and educate. In the coming months, you will hear more about Google Developers Group — Galway Chapter and our continued work. So stay tuned!

On the Tech Road event at the PorterShed

You can find us on our Google Developers Chapter Page, Meetup, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and a dedicated GDG Galway website is currently under development. We are also always looking for new members interested in joining our events so feel free to sign up and come along. Or reach out if there is something you would like to see us organize. We are nothing without our members and the fantastic individuals who have joined and supported our Chapter. We invite you to join our mission to bring the best of Google’s Web and Developer Technology to Galway and Ireland’s West Coast!

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Originally published at on August 14, 2017.