Black Pug Studio Official Website | Web Design Creative Agency in Galway
Black Pug Studio Official Website | Web Design Creative Agency in Galway

Dear readers,

It’s been a while that we have not updated you with beautiful web design, exciting web development, and relevant content about our good doings at the Studio! You guessed it; we were swamped working on our most remarkable masterpiece. A new official Black Pug Studio website, fully redesigned from the ground up! We poured all our passion and motivation into it, and our teams cannot be prouder of the accomplished work. We’ll talk about it further down as you read this issue of our magazine.

Let’s dive into all of our updates!


New Official Website Design

Black Pug Studio | Web Design Creative Agency Homepage
Black Pug Studio — Homepage

Our team has pulled long hours working hard on our newly reforged website, and we can proudly say that it’s been crowned with glorious success!

“The meticulous exercise we had to go through was rethinking our online presence, and the strategy attached to it. We needed to work on our web design and web development and unfold our amassed knowledge and expertise over the years.“ — Tony Moreno, Creative Director at Black Pug Studio

For too long, Black Pug Studio has been working in “submarine-mode.” In fact, for multiple years in a row since the creation of the Studio, we only used a simple landing page stating that the full website was “coming soon.”

Black Pug Studio website | Legacy Coming Soon page
Black Pug Studio Legacy Coming Soon — 2015 until 2018

We much relied on our trusted network of friends and professional contacts in the Galway Innovation Scene. While we were well-connected thanks to the roles we held in our previous jobs, and it helped to obtain large projects from worldwide renowned companies such as Nestlé and Ubisoft, it was not sufficient. We had more ambition; we wanted more!

So, enough of that!

“We rolled up our sleeves and put our hands in the dirt to mold and shape what has become our legendary Black Pug Studio creative website. It was about time!” — Julien Garrigues, CTO at Black Pug Studio
Black Pug Studio — Web Design & Web Development | Our Skills & Values
Black Pug Studio — Our Skills & Values

It is the first step to many, and we will continue to add more content and enjoyable parts to explore on our website. You can expect a more extensive gallery of projects we worked on, and also a list of our Black Pug Studio products, services, and fun online experiments. We cannot wait to continue to design and develop those, then publish them to showcase it all to the world.

Black Pug Studio Web Design & Web Development — Featured Projects
Black Pug Studio — Featured Projects

Stay tuned; we’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime if you’d like to start a project, how about you tell us about it, your expectations, budget, timeframe and examples that inspire you?

Black Pug Studio Web Design & Web Development | Start a Project
Black Pug Studio — Start your Project now!

Growing Creative Team — Manon Komsta

The end of 2019 carried a few unexpected changes for Black Pug Studio. We’re not going to dive into the granular details; however we definitely want to tell you more about what’s going on in the Studio. Our team has slightly changed, and a new face joined the Black Pug Studio ranks. The core group remains small, which allows us always to highlight new proud team members.

Manon Komsta — Web Project Manager & Digital Marketer at Black Pug Studio
Manon Komsta — Web Project Manager & Digital Marketer at Black Pug Studio

Please welcome Manon Komsta, our new Web Project Manager & Digital Marketer. That’s a mouthful of a title, right? Well, that’s what she does at the Studio! Manon oversees web production, putting her in an ideal spot to talk about what we work on with the world.

“Forging a good marketing strategy and executing relevant tactics to unfold a solid plan is crucial in 2020. Especially for a small company like ours!” — Manon Komsta, Digital Marketer at Black Pug Studio

Thanks to her remarkable work, we have seen encouraging progress in visibility, acquisition, and brand awareness. In simple terms, we are pleased she is part of the team!

Go on Twitter and 👋 wave at her! She’ll be happy to e-meet you!


Job careers at Black Pug Studio

Black Pug Studio — Job opportunities
Black Pug Studio — Job opportunities

As the team is growing (yes, you probably read the previous paragraph, right?), we have re-opened our job opportunities. As it turns out, we are quite lucky because we just happened to freshly release a new jobs page on our Black Pug Studio website, where all can read about our juicy career opportunities!

Working at Black Pug Studio is fun!
Working at Black Pug Studio is fun!

What do we need at Black Pug Studio? A lot of talented individuals! We simply start by recruiting a bunch of reliable beginners in web design and web development to support our current team. Through their work and training, we hope they’ll forge a robust experience and knowledge for themselves and that they’ll be able to delve into our live projects!

Discover all our job opportunities now!

Black Pug Studio Web Design & Web Development | Job opportunities
Black Pug Studio — Job opportunities

Velvet Valkyrie — first gear engaged!


A project we started back in 2018, but it has never received the cherish attention it required to flourish fully. This year will see an additional focus from our teams and collaborators to stir the project in the right direction. It already started as we welcomed Fridsiee as one of our first glorious artists to sell her merchandise on the platform. More are joining, and we cannot be happier to release their stores on Velvet Valkyrie.

Velvet Valkyrie — Artists, Content Creators, Streamers
Velvet Valkyrie — Content Creators, Streamers, Artists

In the background, we worked on the alpha version of the artist/content creator onboarding. A fully-fledged dashboard is giving sales, profits, and perks visibility to all our certified content creators. It is just the first step to many, and soon we’ll be publicly releasing our roadmap for the project. We hope to create interest and to start building the community.

There is much to do, and we are very excited as we see good progress overall as we get more attention from the world. We have unlimited ambition for Velvet Valkyrie!

  • If you are an artist, streamer, or content creator, feel free to contact our team at, and we’ll reach out to you to talk together.
  • If you’d like to become a sponsor or partner of the brand, please contact us as well using the same email We are actively looking for strong sponsors and partners.
  • If you want to help build the community, join our Discord server, and spread the word around you. We are seriously looking for Community Heroes like you!

Strong collaboration with Wasder

Wasder — Brandbook cover by Black Pug Studio
Wasder — Brandbook Cover by Black Pug Studio

Last year a new love story began at the Studio. We met with Wasder, and it was love at first sight. They wanted to work on their branding, and we wanted to put our delicate fingers in their colors and fonts to meddle with them plus help them establish a beautiful brand look. “Who are their users?” You may ask… Gamers, like us! You can certainly understand that we unquestionably wanted to be part of their endeavors.

“ Black Pug was wonderful to work with and delivered just what we needed for our rebranding.” — Lion Martinez, Global Product Manager at Wasder

Good news, they liked us as much as we liked them and we set up a new date together. Except for this time, we started working on their main product, bringing our touch and helping their web design and web development teams. To this day, we are still hand-in-hand, joyfully waddling on Wasder’s product, and we are so grateful to be part of the adventure. We’ll tell you more soon, so don’t go too far if you want to know how the story unfolds.

Welcome to Wasder — Be a gamer, always.
Welcome to Wasder — Be a gamer, always.

In the meantime, we recommend you check out Wasder and the platform they are building for gamers. Enjoy!

That’s all folks for our fourth issue! We hope you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to show you more of our Creative Work! See you soon, and thank you so much for taking the time to read Black Pug Studio Magazine!

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