Black Pug Studio Issue 3 Hero Image
Made by Tony Moreno with Adobe XD

Greetings to all!

As the summer finally arrived in Ireland, the Studio has been snowed under with a lot of work recently. We’ve entered our busiest period so far this year, two months earlier than expected, and this means we have a lot of exciting updates to share with you now!

This issue also marks a milestone for our Studio as the team has finally learned to put themselves out there and promote the great work we’ve been doing. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have been given to reflect on our journey of growth since 2015. Now, we are excited to share the knowledge and experience we have gathered along the way.

Now! Get ready for some hot, summary content, and enjoy reading!

BPS Merch store

Black Pug Studio Merch Store

If you’ve been living under a rock in a field miles away from phone service and wifi, you might have missed the fact that we released our very own, custom-built and designed merch store last month! Finally, we can make your pug dreams come true by offering you top-quality comfy clothes with awesome and original designs.

We are offering a special discount of 10% on any purchase exclusive for all readers of our BPS magazine! Take a look at what we have to offer now on and make sure to use your coupon HAPPYPAWS10 in the store.

Black Pug Studio Merch Store Baseball Cap
Black Pug Studio — Baseball Cap

New products are already on their way, so keep an eye on the store in the coming weeks. We would love to hear your feedback on our products and design — you can contact a member of our team directly on the store thanks to our chat plugin powered by Zendesk. You can also get in touch with us as usual via Twitter and all of our social media accounts, and by emailing us at

Black Pug Studio Merch Store — Illustration work by Ann-Marie Murray

We are pretty proud of this excellent achievement, and if you would like to read more about it, you can browse the other articles we published here:

Deirdre visited Ubisoft Paris!

Ubisoft | Welcome to the official Ubisoft website

In May, our Head of Localization Deirdre O’Connor was invited to visit Ubisoft’s Studio in Montreuil, Paris for a workshop on ongoing projects between our Studios.

It was an incredibly dangerous visit where she encountered Raving Rabbids, took part in a sudden-death dance-battle, and got the chance to test one of our favorite feel-good games in the Just Dance franchise.

Deirdre O’Connor at Ubisoft Paris Studios with Raving Rabbids
Deirdre taming an incredibly happy Raving Rabbid

We have worked with Ubisoft offering native translation services in various languages including English, French, and Spanish since our first collaboration on the Rabbids franchise in 2015. It’s the dream of all nerd gamers to work with such a fantastic brand, and what a journey it has been for us! We have loved building the relationship with their teams and to be invited to visit their top-secret Studios.

Black Pug Studio at Ubisoft Paris studios
Members of the localization teams invited to the workshop in Ubisoft Paris

WestBIC — Redesign Part II

WestBIC - Business and Innovation Centre

Since we announced the release of the WestBIC live website in our last issue, we entered into a period of revision and modification that we offer to all clients. We provide this post-launch support to all clients so that we can keep direct contact between our team and the client team. It’s the perfect time to make sure we hit the nail on the head and captured their mission and the essence of their team in our design precisely as they hoped we would!

For WestBIC, this period led to some excellent customer feedback which led to new modifications to the front-end of the website and adapting some features to fit their purpose better and give a more fluid and efficient experience to visitors. Some of the changes to note in this newest redesign include a re-worked UX and UI taken care of by our creative director Tony Moreno. The aim was to produce more straightforward navigation so that visitors to the site can find information quicker without digging.

WestBIC — improved UX and UI
WestBIC improved version with intuitive navigation
“The most important thing we worked hard to capture is the explicit statements showing the fantastic work WestBIC are doing for startups and SMEs in the West”.

Our collaboration between the technology and design teams, along with the client resulted in a clear way to convey what their team is doing faster.
One of the advantages of the custom, modular stack we use in the Studio is that we can quickly modify a project or design even after release to make sure we always capture our clients wishes exactly.

French Tech Dublin — 2019 redux

French Tech Dublin version 2019 redux
V2 fully designed by Tony Moreno with Adobe XD and developed by Julien Garrigues!

Since the French Tech group in Dublin gained global recognition as an official member of the French Tech network, our team is working hard to upgrade the 2017 community edition of the website to a cleaner, more modern and utterly original design to mark this 2019 evolution! The v2 is on its way and coming soon! We aim to put the French Tech group at the top of innovation with a smooth gloss and the feel that it deserves. This fantastic group organizes events all over Dublin and facilitate meetings and relationships between partners, investors, startups, and entrepreneurs working in all of Ireland and France.

“We are so proud to be a part of and support this initiative in every way that we can.”

500 followers on Twitter!

Black Pug Studio 500 Followers on Twitter
Our CEO Tony Moreno was astonished when Deirdre told him about the great news!

We recently hit 500 followers on Twitter — it’s fantastic news for our team and created a buzz of excitement in the office! Building our social media presence has been an incredible journey, and we’re so grateful for all our supporters who read our news and the experience we share with you all!

Black Pug Studio Twitter Account

We also celebrated Pride month in June with an update to our logo. Let’s always aim for diversity and inclusion in the tech and design industries, and all workplaces.

Black Pug Studio Pride Month
Black Pug Studio celebrated Pride

Snack Studio Updates

  • Deirdre O’Connor is now Chief Creative Technologist at the Studio!
  • New animations on our website and Merch Store!
  • Keep an eye on our Behance and Instagram pages as we will populate them with more of our high-end productions very soon!
  • We will be hiring for internship positions. Keep your eyes peeled!

That’s all folks for now in our third issue! We hope you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to show you more of our Creative Work!

“See you soon, and thank you so much for taking the time to read our third issue of Black Pug Studio Magazine!”

Black Pug Studio’s Team — Creative Studio crafting beautiful & unique experiences through technology and design.

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