Black Pug Studio team & Ronan “The Tech Doctor” Leonard

On July 24th, Ronan “The Tech Doctor” Leonard visited our Studio at the Galway Technology Centre based in the beautiful city of Galway. After a quick tour of the Studio and a well-deserved cup of coffee, we got to work and started recording our episode of The Irish Tech News podcast.

Let’s talk about the topics mentioned in this episode and highlight a few good moments.

The Story of the Studio

Tony, Deirdre and Julien introduced themselves and talked about their backgrounds before telling the story of Black Pug Studio from its humble beginnings to where it is today.

You will hear about the hard times we went through and the good moments working on large projects for prestigious clients.

We also talked about the lessons learned during the past few years, and what would be our advice to ourselves and young entrepreneurs if they were to start a business today.

Being a startup

Our team gave their opinions and insights on the start-up life, the mistakes to avoid, the difficulties of pricing products and services, the importance of good communication when working as a small team and the right way to work with large companies and important brands.

We also touch on our culture at the office, the importance of working in a good environment and how we shaped the Studio to communicate our good vibes, passion and lifestyle.

And how investing in a coffee machine was a smart move!

Business, Design and Technology

The centre of the discussion revolved around these subjects as they are at the core of what we do at Black Pug Studio.

We discussed the difficulties of selling modern technologies and beautiful and meaningful designs to companies which are not aware of the importance of those things when creating an online experience for their customers.

You will learn about the technologies we use and our approach when it comes to designing a good product, from a simple website to a full software or a platform.

The extra bits

There are a lot of side chats in this episode about our interests, hobbies and the small things that make us who we are.

We touch on how music is a popular topic in the office and how it helps us work. Our pugs share their taste in music, genre and favorite bands/artists!

Tony also gives insights on how we designed the Studio, and we surrounded ourselves with things that we like to be in the right mood but also to remember where we come from.

We hope you will enjoy listening to this episode of the Irish Tech News podcast. We had a ton of fun recording it, and it was a pleasure welcoming The Tech Doctor at the office.

A huge thanks to Ronan and the team at Irish Tech News for making this episode happen!

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to use the comment section below to reach out to us, or ping our team members on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook!

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