The completely revamped interior design of Black Pug Studio in 2023

In recent years, Black Pug Studio has been engrossed in a series of thrilling endeavors and advancements. Our unyielding dedication to providing unparalleled service to our clientele has limited our ability to disseminate frequent updates. Nevertheless, we believe it’s crucial to pause and retrospect on our progress, achievements, and the promising path that lies ahead.

CTO Julien Garrigues celebrating the successful rebranding of Platform94 at Black Pug Studio, Galway

Our unwavering focus on our customer’s assignments and our in-house initiatives has kept our crew industrious. To maintain the pinnacle of our work’s quality while keeping costs under control, we have honed our staff to its most productive structure. We take immense pride in our compact yet effective team, steered by our three visionary founders, which has been pivotal in our ongoing triumph.

One of the unique strengths of Black Pug Studio lies in the synergistic talents of our founders. Their collective proficiency has been the bedrock of our evolution and prosperity. In the preceding years, our income has consistently escalated, mirroring the caliber of our work and the confidence of our clientele.

The co-founders of Black Pug Studio, from left to right: Tony Moreno, Tiphaine Di Valentin, and Julien Garrigues.

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of esteemed clients on varied and invigorating projects. Each assignment has served as a platform for us to refine our expertise and enlarge our professional connections. While we may not have frequently broadcasted our accomplishments on the internet, our updates on miniature projects and our prowess in crafting Twitch extensions and Shopify apps have caught our audience’s attention.

Julien Garrigues is the leading force behind our Twitch Extensions and Shopify apps!

This revelation has encouraged us to take a more active role in disseminating our wisdom and perspectives. We acknowledge that our followers appreciate not just the finalized product, but also the journey and methodology behind its creation. Therefore, we are devoted to revealing more about our designs, the diligent efforts invested in them, and their transformation over time.

The Founders of Black Pug Studio Enjoying a Scenic Visit to the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland.

To conclude, we at Black Pug Studio are exhilarated to commence this fresh stage of enhanced visibility and interaction. We are keen to flaunt our ongoing projects and eagerly anticipate offering you a sneak peek into the thrilling ventures on the horizon. Keep an eye out for more updates, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of our voyage.

About Black Pug Studio

Black Pug Studio is a leading multidisciplinary creative agency based in Galway. We specialize in delivering high-quality, custom-tailored services in web design, branding, digital design, and advanced software and web technology experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we design elegant interfaces and partner with businesses to create their ideal digital tools. Connect with us today and kick-start your project with our experienced team. We eagerly await the opportunity to transform your business vision into reality.

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