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I think we all agree that Instagram filters are not the best, and I doubt a lot of people still use them. I know I don’t anymore. However, more than 500 million people use Instagram, whether it is for personal, professional use, or even blogging. This platform has seriously boomed over the last few years, and it is now on its way to become more used than Facebook. Instagram is substantially easier to use than Facebook because the goal of the network is to share photos. Personally, it is my most used application, and I admit that I can easily spend hours on it. I love the creativity of this platform, discovering new photographers, artists, or just people that inspire me.

As an Instagram user, if you want to take your pictures to another level but also pimp your Instagram feed, here are five applications that I would recommend to you to will help you stand out in this crowded but amazingly interesting social media.


VSCO is by far my favorite application to edit pictures. There is a great range of presets and editing tools that add a lot of atmosphere and artistic vibes to photos. There is also a community on VSCO where you can share your pictures.

There is a free version and a membership access (approx €19.99/year) in which you can have access to more presets and tutorials.



Used by professional photographers, Snapseed allows you to edit pictures with most of the features you can find in professional editing softwares. It was originally developed by Nik Software and it is now owned by Google LLC. Available on iOS and Android, Snapseed is a powerful app, where you can edit very high-quality images. What I like about it, is that even though there are tons of features, it is well-designed and user-friendly, and get used to it quickly. It does a great job to really enhance your pictures. If you feel like it you can also edit granular details, such as adding a bit of lighting in a small part of an image to make it pop more.

Example of pictures I edited with Snapseed on my Instagram.

Snapseed App | Download Online Photo Editing App

A Design Kit

This one is without a doubt the most creative app I’ve tried! With A Design Kit, you can draw on your pictures, add stickers, use paint brushed, fonts and a lot of other fun tools to designs cool stuff on your pictures. I like the fact that these are not templates. It feels more like a playground where you can have fun with your pictures and make a masterpiece out of it.

A Design Kit - A Color Story


This one is for Instagram control-freaks. Most people’s objective on Instagram is to have an organized, well-balanced, color-schemed feed. With Preview, you can easily plan ahead your publications and see how your feed will look like after posting your pictures.

ULTIMATE Instagram Feed Planner App + Presets + Schedule + Analytics

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is perfect for marketers who don’t want to rely on a creative team, waiting for assets to produce quality publications. With hundreds of templates such as social media posts designs, animated graphics, video and Instagram stories, you can work out beautiful designs without having particular skills in graphic design. Oh and it’s free with an Adobe account!

Free Online Photo & Design Tool | Adobe Express

It sure wasn’t easy to choose, but I think If I had to keep five photo editing apps (yes, I have way more on phone!), those are the ones I would always keep installed because they fulfill a lot of needs.

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