We take delight in delivering great products and services. Nothing is better than creating an emotional impact and make people go “Wow!”.

Our ultimate goal is to harmonize and integrate together branding, design, emerging technologies, entertainment, arts and pop culture.

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Design. / Web.


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French Tech Dublin

Branding. / Design. / Web.
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Velvet Valkyrie

Branding. / Design. / Web. / eCommerce.

What we do


When we started in 2015, we tried to choose one or two areas to specialize in, and now as we approach our 5th year of business we can admit that one or two specialities are simply not enough. And that’s why we do everything to bring your project from the ideation phase to development, implementation, and release.

Recognizable & unique
Digital Design
Beautiful & precise
Web Development
High-end Development & Emerging Technologies
Enterprise Solutions
From Startups, to SMEs, and Entreprises
Accompany & Develop
Translation, localization, proofreading, and subtitles
Unify Design
& Development
Imagine two awesome features of a project come together and make lots of awesome babies, that's pretty much what we do.
Cultural Shift
in Digital Design
Design is for everyone and we design with everyone in mind; that means no compromise in design or service.
& Partnering
We always look to grow our areas of expertise, welcome new opinions, and partner with like-minded teams.
the value
of Design
On its own it gives a wow-factor, and when we pair it with seamless technology our aim is to blow minds.
Deconstructive Creativity
We played with lego a lot as kids, now we bring the same approach to each project we build with our clients.
Sky-High Expectations
& Quality
Our team of perfectionists are only happy when you are too.
with Emerging
Web Technologies
Always modernizing, always learning, and always bringing our clients' work to the frontier of awesomeness™.
Ultra-fast Customer Support
If you don't sleep, then we won't either. Reach out to our team any time of the day or night.

What we believe in


Our Galway Headquarters are home to our primary design and development teams. One thing that’s consistent across all our teams and partners spread throughout Europe, are our values and the standards we share and bring to every single project.

Brands who
Trust us.

And many more...

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On July 24th, Ronan “The Tech Doctor” Leonard visited our Studio at the Galway Technology Centre based in the beautiful city of Galway. After a quick tour of the Studio and a well-deserved cup of c...

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Black Pug Studio — Magazine #3

Issue #3 | May & June 2019

Greetings to all!

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Galway company represents Ireland on global stage in Copenhagen.

Galway-based international company, Black Pug Studio Ltd., joined companies from over 60 countries at the Bella Center, Copenhagen, at the beginning of July to pitch their creative projects to an i...

Galway-based international company, Black Pug Studio Ltd., joined companies from over 60 countries at the Bella Center, Copenhagen, at the beginning of July to pitch their creative projects to an i...

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We made our Merch Store in 10 days

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Black Pug Studio — Our story so far

An origin story

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Black Pug Studio — Magazine #2

Issue #2 | March & April 2019

Greetings to all!

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The Quote

Many thanks for all the work put by Black Pug Studio in our new look website.
Great to see this Galway start-up getting international recognition.
Thank you Black Pug Studio for our new marketing material and for your fantastic, professional, creative fast service!
Galway Technology Centre
Black Pug Studios worked with us on our brand THRONE-Recruiting. They took care of the look, feel and brand direction, as well as the creation and implementation of our CRM database from scratch - the core and heart of our business. The team consists of absolute professionals in their fields of expertise and it was a pleasure to work with them. Responsive, quick to react, professional in everything they do, and most importantly: creative. They fulfilled all our needs to our utmost satisfaction and I am sure we will do business together in the future.
Jan Gerwat - Director at THRONE-Recruiting